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THOR has been providing business solutions since 1975. Our founder and president, Terry Thormodsgaard, created THOR as a solutions-oriented company to serve as a complementary resource for companies like Burroughs and IBM. Initially, THOR assisted companies with business/computer conversions, implementations, and training. During THOR'S first two decades as a business solutions provider, we expanded our services to accommodate cutting-edge technological discoveries and advances. Business conversions became more technology related, and there was a lack of technical professionals with expertise in the latest software. THOR was instrumental in developing several User Groups, promoting the latest technology and aligning our business with some of the top power users of the newest software. Utilizing our relationships with these technical experts, THOR provided staffing services as well as consulting services to our clients. By 1998, THOR was providing consulting and contract programming, technical support and training, industry and software specific staffing, and executive placement for thousands of clients. Today, THOR continues to adapt to the current technological and economical environment and to serve as a solutions-oriented partner to our clients. Our offering of innovative services has grown exponentially, and we have developed numerous value-added programs that focus on the current needs of businesses in diverse industries. Our most popular services include, Increasing Your Return On Investment, Maximizing your Resources with Minimal Investment, Vendor Assets, Vendor Programs, Insourcing, USA, and Cutting-Edge Off Hour Teams. For thirty years, THOR has been effectively meeting business community needs in both good and bad economic times, with a commitment to integrity, quality and esprit-de-corps. Our many success stories continue to grow.