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Message from the Thor Inc. CEO .. Terry Thormodsgaard

I want my epitaph to read- Terry Thormodsgaard was a person who wanted to help people advance their dreams and objectives and more importantly provided a methodology, the creativity, determination, and ethics to help get them there.

I Simply enjoy the challenge and the ultimate reward of helping:

1) Leaders in companies achieve their businesses objectives

2) Professionals at all levels advance both their personal and professional goals

Since 1975, I have been frequently helping companies create, plan and implement new processes and technology. It is a challenge to help both companies and individuals advance their business plans with the latest technologies. To me, it is simply intellectually stimulating. There are 8 Thor Divisions. These Divisions Thor has available professionals on a contracting, consulting, interim, direct hire or executive search basis for all clients.

Thorís niche divisions:

  • 1.The Thor Enterprise Division

  • 2.The Thor Healthcare Enterprise Division

  • 3.Thor Techno-Functional Division

  • 4.Thor Data, BI, AI & Cyber Security Division

  • 5.Thor CRM Professionals Division

  • 6.Thor Supply Chain Management Division

  • 7.Thor Infrastructure, Network and Systems Admin Division

  • 8.Thor HR, Benefits & Payroll Professional Division
  • My Mantra Core Values:

    Ethics, Quality, Innovative and Creative, Hard Work, Espirit de corps, Deliver more than you promise, He who wants finds a way he who doesn't always finds an excuse

    From selling turn key business computer systems at Burroughs, I brought to this industry a task methodology. That methodology was to focus on these main areas:

    1.Customize the information to the tasks that need to be done and come up with 3 alternative approaches with each having a different price point.
    2.Provide a logical and efficient process.
    3.Manage all expectations by working with a defined, desired end result that corresponds to a date.