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A major healthcare company finds a cost-effective alternative to traditional consulting with Thor 

A major healthcare company in Southern California was on a mission to reengineer their complete infrastructure and business applications on a company-wide enterprise level. They needed to standardize businesses across California, Georgia, Missouri, Massachusetts and more. They had been using “Big 4” consulting companies and system integrators to spearhead the projects for two years. Unfortunately, their budget could not account for the “Big 4” consulting, and they needed to find a more cost-effective solution with the same or better quality to get these projects completed on time and within budget.

The client company was running various IBM, RS6000, MLF and HP9000 platforms. The integration of these systems was only the beginning of the challenges that they faced. The client needed to streamline processes that varied from claims processing to IVR/CTI implementation to customer facing applications.

Using our in-depth consultative approach to identify business challenges and recommend matching business solutions, Thor developed a team of Healthcare project managers business analysts, developers and architects with prior “Big 4” consulting experience to address all of our client company’s needs. The service rate of our consultants was 30-40% less per hour than the “Big 4” consultants the client was previously using.

Thor completed the systems integration and claims streamlining project on time and within budget. In fact, our services up to this point resulted in a savings of $2.3M over the duration of the project.

Continuing our legacy of providing a more cost-effective alternative to traditional consulting, we began to aid our client on their IVR/CTI implementation project with a goal of automating call flows electronically, thereby increasing efficiency in the workplace and helping their customers get answers faster. With Thor’s active presence in related user groups and connection to vendors, Thor created a team of quality consultants for their Edify, Genesys, Nuance, Aspect and Witness solutions. Thor’s average bill rate was $170 less per hour than their current System Integrator. This IVR/CTI solution was projected to save them over $4M on the project.

In addition to this project, Thor successfully supported a Call Care Browser used to improve customer service. This project provided a single unified information system that allowed all of its business units to share healthcare, benefit and provider data through common applications while remaining in compliance with HIPAA. With Thor’s management support of this project, cost savings were over $2M.

Thor continues to provide innovative business solutions, saving this client money today.